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The Institute of Travel & Tourism was set up to raise and maintain professional standards throughout the travel industry and for the benefit of its Members.

Membership of ITT is open to everyone involved in travel and tourism – whether employed by a travel agency, airline, tour operator, hotel, tourist office, car hire company or any other travel related business such as PR, law and marketing.

The Institute also welcomes travel and tourism educators and their students.

ITT provides Members with support and guidance at the same time as encouraging excellence and professionalism.

There are also many opportunities for Members to network and exchange views with industry peers and colleagues created through ITT's popular social and business events. 

Board of Directors

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Dr Steven Freudmann Paul Cowley Angela Day
Dr Peter Robinson
Stephen Bath Sue Kavanagh Barbara Kolosinska Stuart Heath
Claire Steiner Matthew Jackson Phil Gardner Marcus Jansa
Antonio Paradiso Danny Waine Lucia Rowe James Lewis

Mission Statement

ITT is dedicated to working on behalf of its industry Members by:

  • Creating a series of events for the discussion and sharing of industry issues, as well as the opportunity to network with industry peers and colleagues
  • Raising and maintaining professional standards in the travel industry, through the Continued Personal Development (CPD) and training of individuals
  • Providing a platform and guidelines for the formal recognition of individual progress through the industry, which become the standards in our industry sector
  • Providing support and guidance for the individual throughout their career in travel and tourism
  • Representing and lobbying on behalf of the rights and views of the individual in the travel industry
  • Creating a database of the professional status and qualifications of its members

Odyssey Award Winners

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Itt Chairman

Dr Steven Freudmann

Dr Steven Freudmann

ITT President

Chris Mottershead

Chris Mottershead

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ITT is the only professional membership body for individuals employed in the travel and tourism industry.

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