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Member's Deal: 15% Discount From Exponent3
Recently, we have seen the ICO fine British Airways and Marriot International over £280M for data breaches, involving customers’ personal data loss. Undoubtedly, more will follow. GDPR compliance is much more than updating the website Privacy Policy.
Published - 30/07/2019

ITT Summer Party Images 2019
We enjoyed a fantastic evening at the ITT Summer Party last Thursday. Well done to all of the students who won awards, and thank you to the sponsors of the evening – A-ROSA and Intrepid.
Published - 22/07/2019

Steven Freudmann - Parliamentary Review
Everyone recognises the value of inbound and domestic tourism to the UK but in my experience, not everyone appreciates the value of outbound tourism.
Published - 25/06/2019

Deal of the week: Avanti Florida Villas
This week we have selected a deal for ITT Members from Avanti Florida Villas.
Published - 24/06/2019


ITT Corporate Partner - Amadeus - enables new distribution capabilities for travel retailers

As you’ve probably heard New Distribution Capability (NDC) is going to become a key technology enabler for effective travel merchandising. You may have seen the news that Amadeus has received level 3 NDC certification as an aggregator from IATA.  This is an important step in being able to give your travellers access to new content and simplified booking processes.

The certification is in addition to Amadeus's existing level 3 NDC certification as an IT provider. Not only are they one of the first providers to have dual level 3 certification, but they are the only GDS. 

The latest certification has been achieved with their pilot customer, Travix, a leading online travel agency that joined the NDC-X innovation programme earlier this year.  This brings together travel sellers with airline partners to connect on Amadeus’ NDC-enabled travel platform.

This summer Amadeus expect to have web service bookings in production using NDC messaging. This means that they will be working together with driver partner airlines and travel agencies to enable the simple flow of “search, shop and book” using the NDC standard.

By the first half of next year, they will develop that further to include the servicing capabilities that agencies need, such as the ability to change tickets, or to add ancillaries after booking. This is when NDC will really be industrialised and will be available to the Amadeus airline and travel seller customers.

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Published: Wednesday, August 15, 2018

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