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Latest News

For the Love of Nature
ITT’s Members are invited to attend a talk held at the Royal Geographical Society by the charity Just a Drop.
Published - 09/04/2019

Small print. Big difference.
It can be easy to overlook terms and conditions in the busy day-to-day running of a business. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has previously found that less than half of UK businesses know the rules on unfair terms well and on average, only review their terms every four years.
Published - 18/04/2019

New Appointments to ITT’s Board of Directors
ITT is delighted to announce that three leading figures from the travel sector have joined ITT’s Board of Directors.
Published - 04/04/2019

Read the Registration Brochure Here
We are now only ten weeks away from the ITT Conference in Split. Take a look at our new Digital Registration Brochure to find out details about the three-day event.
Published - 01/04/2019


Deal of the Week: Cocktail Media UK

There are a range of deals and discounts available to you on our Members Shop page. We have selected a new deal this week from Digital Agency Cocktail Media UK, who is offering ITT Members a free audit of Keywords listings and £50 off all their digital packages.  

Free Audit of your Keywords listings 

Google search is a simple basic exercise that every human has instinctively got use to when surfing on the web. But what is interesting is that some words you type cost money to advertisers depending on their use in Search Engines. And those High Value keywords, if well implemented organically and in PPC Campaigns can bring you a ridiculous amount of traffic to your website. Cocktail Media will let you know if your keywords fall in that category to help you move in the right business direction. 

£50 saved on All Digital Packages 

As an ITT member, you will receive an exclusive £50 off in all Cocktail Media’s digital packages. 

Non ITT members    ITT members 
£653                       £603 
£895                       £845 
£1195                     £1145

Click here to see what each package includes. 

To have access to this offer please 020 363 786 01 or send an email to with the reference OFF50 ITT in the subject line.

You can see an overview of the digital services they provide by visiting  

Published: Tuesday, January 08, 2019

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