Latest News

Latest News

For the Love of Nature
ITT’s Members are invited to attend a talk held at the Royal Geographical Society by the charity Just a Drop.
Published - 09/04/2019

Small print. Big difference.
It can be easy to overlook terms and conditions in the busy day-to-day running of a business. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has previously found that less than half of UK businesses know the rules on unfair terms well and on average, only review their terms every four years.
Published - 18/04/2019

New Appointments to ITT’s Board of Directors
ITT is delighted to announce that three leading figures from the travel sector have joined ITT’s Board of Directors.
Published - 04/04/2019

Read the Registration Brochure Here
We are now only ten weeks away from the ITT Conference in Split. Take a look at our new Digital Registration Brochure to find out details about the three-day event.
Published - 01/04/2019


Brexit Survey: The Results

With MP’s putting forward various plans which may affect the outcome of Brexit, ITT asked Members which Brexit option they wanted to see come to fruition in a PollITT survey. The results show an overwhelming number (71%) voted in favour of a People’s Vote on Britain's membership of the EU. 

See below for the full breakdown of how ITT Members voted when asked the following question: ‘Parliament is considering holding a number of indicative votes on the various Brexit options. Please indicate which of the following options you would favour’:

  • Leave the EU on 29 March with no deal – 12%
  • Accept Mrs May’s deal (which was defeated by a majority of 230 in Parliament) – 5%
  • Negotiate a softer Brexit (sometimes called the “Norway” option) – 6%
  • Negotiate a free trade deal (sometimes called the “Canada” option) – 6%
  • Hold a public vote with three options (no deal, May’s deal or remain) – 71%

Published: Monday, February 11, 2019

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