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Member's Deal: 15% Discount From Exponent3
Recently, we have seen the ICO fine British Airways and Marriot International over £280M for data breaches, involving customers’ personal data loss. Undoubtedly, more will follow. GDPR compliance is much more than updating the website Privacy Policy.
Published - 30/07/2019

ITT Summer Party Images 2019
We enjoyed a fantastic evening at the ITT Summer Party last Thursday. Well done to all of the students who won awards, and thank you to the sponsors of the evening – A-ROSA and Intrepid.
Published - 22/07/2019

Steven Freudmann - Parliamentary Review
Everyone recognises the value of inbound and domestic tourism to the UK but in my experience, not everyone appreciates the value of outbound tourism.
Published - 25/06/2019

Deal of the week: Avanti Florida Villas
This week we have selected a deal for ITT Members from Avanti Florida Villas.
Published - 24/06/2019


Small print. Big difference.

It can be easy to overlook terms and conditions in the busy day-to-day running of a business. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has previously found that less than half of UK businesses know the rules on unfair terms well and on average, only review their terms every four years.

The ‘Small print. Big difference.’ campaign from the CMA is helping travel and holiday businesses understand the rules on unfair terms and is encouraging them to check in on their terms to make sure that they are fair. Businesses can find a range of resources available here.

There are many advantages to having transparent, up-to-date and fair terms. They can:

• help prevent disputes with your customers, saving time and money

• boost your reputation and the chances of repeat business from your customers

• differentiate your business, making it unique so that it stands out from the crowd

• protect your business; even if a customer has signed up to an unfair term, it is not legally binding, whereas fair terms will bind them and give your business legal protection.

Stay updated here.

Published: Thursday, April 18, 2019

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