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ITT shows its commitment to careers and education by recognition of good practice, student awards, consultancy and much more.

ITT runs an Education & Training Committee chaired by ITT Board Director Claire Steiner. Claire organises student events on behalf of ITT, such as the hugely popular 'Future You' seminar at WTM.

She also represents ITT on external education/ industry bodies. Educational partnerships are an important part of ITT’s careers and education work.

The most recent being with the Global Travel & Tourism Partnership, a multi-country educational programme to introduce students to careers in travel and tourism.


If you are interested in a career in the travel industry, an apprenticeship is a really great starting point. Many top travel leaders and senior managers have entered the industry through the apprenticeship route. Many travel companies offer apprenticeship schemes that include a variety of different routes to choose from.

People 1st  (who are the workforce development charity that represent travel, hospitality, retail and passenger transport) and a number of other industry representatives developed new professional standards for Travel Consultant Apprentices over a two year period. The new apprenticeship has an end assessment test, ensuring that every apprentice needs to meet the agreed industry professional standards, no matter where they did their apprenticeship.

The new Travel Consultant Apprenticeship covers both leisure and business travel for the first time. This means that both Leisure Travel and Business Travel employers can offer apprenticeships. The apprenticeship will last between 12-24 months depending onprevious qualifications and youwill be on an employment contract with anemployer who will give you the required on the job training.

Of course travel is not only about travel consultants and there are a range of apprenticeships available covering a variety of areas of the travel businesses.

People 1st and the Government website provide more information on how to find an apprentice or a provider or how to become a provider yourself. The information applies to both levy and non levy paying employers.

ITT Centres of Excellence

ITT created the Centres of Excellence status to recognise leading universities keen on working particularly closely with the Institute.

Universities with Centre of Excellence status will be able to use a dedicated logo, receive support in organising industrial placements, have access to high level industry speakers, have access to senior industry figures for research purposes and will grant an annual ITT Centre of Excellence Student of the Year award to a student identified by the university.

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