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Where can I get advice about careers in travel and tourism?

There are a number of sources for careers advice, and we recommend those listed on our Careers page

How do I find a job in the travel and tourism industry?

There are many different routes into travel and tourism, depending on your individual circumstances and experience. Visit our Careers page for where to find advice on the types of careers and qualifications required.

Do I need qualifications for a career in travel and tourism?

Qualifications are becoming a more and more important part of careers in travel and tourism, especially if you want move up the career ladder.

Where can I find out about travel and tourism Apprenticeships?

Information on travel and tourism apprenticeship schemes is available through People 1st, the Sector Skills Council for Travel and Tourism.

Where can I find educational resources for travel and tourism?

ITT is the UK Partner for the Global Travel and Tourism Partnership, a multi-country educational programme to introduce secondary school students to career opportunities in Travel & Tourism. The GTTP provides a T&T school curriculum called ‘Passport to the World’, which has been translated into several languages, and is the de-facto T&T national curriculum subject in countries such as Brazil, Russia and Kenya.


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