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Latest News

Gianni Onorato to Speak at the Virtual ITT Conference
In this session, MSC Cruises’ CEO Gianni Onorato will walk attendees through the cruise industry’s efforts to develop health and safety protocols and restart guest operations in the wake of the Covid-19 global pandemic.
Published - 22/09/2020

​Clare de Bono: The Role of Technology in Covid Recovery
As we investigate how to rebuild traveller demand and confidence, we can see indications of a perception shift: from human touch to human tech.
Published - 22/09/2020

​Anthony Beresford: Collaboration for Revolution
Today, the five biggest Online Travel Agencies share >50% of the market constantly building on their data assets, to leverage a virtuous cycle of enhanced consumer understanding for informed decision making.
Published - 23/09/2020

​Professor Jo Potier De la Morandiere: Keep Going Together
As we move between the “active” and “recovery” phases of the Covid-19 response and continue to manage the ongoing uncertainty of the situation, we all know that we need to keep physically safe. But do we know how important it is to keep psychologically safe, for ourselves and for our colleagues?
Published - 14/09/2020


HIGA Advice Clinic Launched


The Hospitality Insurance Group Action (HIGA) has agreed to hold an Advice Clinic for hotels, restaurants, cafés, bars, and other businesses within the hospitality sector who have had claims for Covid19-related business interruption losses rejected by their insurers.

The Advice Clinic will be run by Sonia Campbell, head of the Insurance Disputes group and a partner with Mishcon de Reya, who is representing HIGA and who led its participation in the FCA insurance test case which finished earlier this month.

HIGA believes that literally thousands of hospitality businesses potentially still have a valid claim and many still do not realise this.
Sonia Campbell, from Mishcon de Reya, says, “It is clear to us that many hospitality businesses have accepted the rejection of their claims by insurers without appreciating that they may still have insurance cover. The Advice Clinic is intended to explain things clearly and simply. The Clinic is completely free to join and we would urge hospitality businesses to get in touch and register.”

Hospitality Insurance Group Action (HIGA) is to offer an Advice Clinic for hotels, restaurants, cafés, bars, and other businesses within the hospitality sector who may be unsure about the right way to proceed with their Covid19 business interruption insurance claims. Many have been told that they are not covered by insurance for business interruption losses relating to the Covid19 government advice and instructions to close their businesses.

The Advice Clinic will be run by Sonia Campbell, a partner at leading City law firm, Mishcon de Reya, who led the Group’s participation and intervention in the FCA insurance test case.

The Clinic will run on the Zoom platform on Thursday, 20th August, at 10.30am and attendance is free. Hospitality businesses who wish to attend can register by sending an email to

Sonia Campbell says, “We think that thousands of hospitality businesses may be in danger of missing out on their business interruption insurance because of either a lack of information or the wrong information and this Clinic is intended to explain things in a simple and straightforward fashion. The Clinic is completely free to join and we hope will provide clarity for affected businesses”.

HIGA is already pursuing complaints against Aviva and QBE. The Group’s costs have been underwritten by a leading litigation funder so there is no fee to join the Group and all legal costs are paid by the funder.

The hospitality industry has been decimated by the closure of hotels, restaurants, cafés, pubs, and other establishments. HIGA believes that the recovery from insurers may be the difference between survival and closure for many of these businesses.

Sonia Campbell, the Mishcon de Reya partner representing Hospitality Insurance Group Action says, “With some 370,000 businesses affected, it is clear that there are many more businesses out there yet to pursue their claims. As the Advice Clinic will make clear, there is still a window to pursue your insurers and we would advise any hospitality business that is unsure of what to do to get in touch with us in the first instance. Our legal action is underwritten by one of the world’s leading litigation funders, so you don’t have to pay legal costs to join our action group.

Published: Thursday, August 13, 2020

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