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Insight - Intelligent advertising creates more passengers for less

In today’s multi-channel marketing world, knowing where, when and how much to advertise has become an increasingly difficult challenge. Your budgets are tight, there are more ways to spend, and without the right data, it can be really tough to know if you’re winning.  Recognising the challenge, Accord has created Insight, a unique multichannel campaign tracking tool that offers you the power to manage, monitor and measure all aspects of your advertising activity.

Built from the ground up to provide you with a single, simple tool to measure performance across offline and online channels, Insight includes integrated online tracking and reporting giving you visibility on all forms of conversions (including telephone calls and clicks).  Insight also includes online attribution modelling, moving away from the one-size-fits-all approach of “last click wins” by using different models to truly understand your online ROI.

Additionally, sophisticated offline tracking provides comprehensive CPC reporting with full visibility on media, date, cost, position and size.

Bringing this all together, real-time campaign monitoring allows you to see visitors, online conversions and telephone calls as they happen, with full insight into the visitor’s journey and the marketing sources that drive conversions.  This integrated approach delivers a unique proposition – a single tool that allows you to fluidly review and refine campaigns without relying on guesswork. More passengers for less.

ITT Exclusive Offer – appoint Accord as your marketing agency and receive Insight free of charge for the first three months
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