Training & Professional Development


One of the Institute of Travel & Tourism’s principal objectives is to raise and maintain professional standards in the industry.
ITT provides support and guidance, together with guidelines for the formal recognition of individual progress.

Continuous Professional Development is important to individuals as well as to the future of the travel and tourism industry. ITT works with partner organisations and industry professionals to provide training courses and seminars at reduced rates for Members.

ITT Recognition of Training PROGRAMMES

ITT Recognition of training programmes is for companies who would like their training programme(s) recognised as meeting industry standards and adding value within the travel and tourism industry.

We measure the programme's objectives against outcomes

  • We assess the trainer who is delivering the programme
  • We assess how the training is evaluated and followed up by the business
  • We look for evidence that the training is in line with your business needs and objectives

Since we will need to review your programme(s) content, as well as your delivery and evaluation, the normal cost of ITT Recognition is £500 + VAT for 3 years. We will need to review your programme(s) prior to renewal to make sure that any changes you have made to them still meet our criteria....more

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