Training & Professional Development


One of the Institute of Travel & Tourism’s principal objectives is to raise and maintain professional standards in the industry.
ITT provides support and guidance, together with guidelines for the formal recognition of individual progress.

Continuous Professional Development is important to individuals as well as to the future of the travel and tourism industry. ITT works with partner organisations and industry professionals to provide training courses and seminars at reduced rates for Members.

ITT Endorsement and Recognition of Training

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the benefits of ITT Recognition?

This accreditation programme gives your organisation:

  • A cost-effective, quick and simple process that adds value
  • Recognition or endorsement by the industry’s professional institution
  • Endorsement that training is in line with recognised quality standards
  • A demonstration of added commitment to staff development
  • Joint branding with the ITT of any certification or other collateral that you decided to award
  • Increased PR opportunities
  • An additional selling point to potential employees and customers

How does my organisation get involved?

The accreditation process involves a formal assessment of your in-house training programme. Members of our Education and Training Committee, who have extensive knowledge and experience of your industry, will look at your existing practices and see how they meet our specified criteria for either ITT Endorsement or ITT Recognition. Your training programme should:

  • Have a high level of quality and be delivered by competent staff
  • Cater to the needs of the audience
  • Have an evaluation process to measure the outcomes
  • Demonstrate the impact on the business needs and objectives

Once assessment has taken place, regardless of whether you have been successful in gaining ITT Recognition, you will be provided with formal feedback. If your application has failed on this occasion, we will give you guidance about areas that need to be addressed.

Will we have to change our processes to be in line with ITT’s requirements?

No, our process is designed to be straight forward and flexible so we can meet your needs and maintain the highest levels of quality standards. Whilst we may request additional information and/or make recommendations, we do not expect you to make significant changes to your procedures. We want to provide you with recognition and endorsement of your own quality processes; we do not expect you to change them to meet some arbitrary standards.

How long will the process take?

The whole process from initial contact to full accreditation takes approximately eight weeks. Your submission will be assessed by dedicated members of the Education and Training Committee and then discussed at our committee meeting. We will inform you of the outcome after that.

Will employees receive a certificate?

We will provide you with the ‘Recognised by ITT’ logo which you may use appropriately. You can decide for yourself how you wish to recognise your employees’ achievement – some organisations like to issue certificates, employee badges or learning passports – but this must be your own decision. It has been our experience that employees very much appreciate having their achievements recognised and we will be happy to let you have some suggestions if that would help.


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